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A Revolution in Soil Recycling

Established in 2005, TOPSOIL etc. has strived to be a leader in the Baltimore - Washington area for the recovery, reuse, and recycling of quality earth-related products and services. TOPSOIL etc. prides itself on recovering dirt, wood, and other products which are then processed into highly desired recycled treasures.

The etc. in TOPSOIL etc. is highly important, as our products and services are varied. In addition to the finest topsoil, we produce compost, specialized soil blends designed to meet our customers' satisfaction, a variety of individually blended planting soils and a variety of stone products.

TOPSOIL etc.'s team's dedication, expertise, and experience allow the company to produce the finest of earth's recycled treasures, guaranteed to meet our customers' satisfaction. As the economic market issues have evolved, innovation, determination, and strategic planning have become TOPSOIL etc.'s cornerstone for growth in this turbulent national business climate.

TOPSOIL etc. is conveniently located in the Curtis Bay area of Baltimore, Maryland, accessible by major interstate highways and connectors. Our yard is 20 miles from Annapolis, the capitol of Maryland and 40 miles from our nation's capital, Washington DC. This highly accessible geographic area provides an unmatched industry plus!

TOPSOIL etc. is committed to providing our customers with products and services which meet the highest industry standards for recycling earth's treasures.

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